Brokerville referrals

Thomas G. “BrokerVille has not only provided me with an exceptional amount of prospects in a short time, but the prospects are of a high quality. I have been working the program as my BrokerVille consultant has suggested, and have closed sales within two weeks of receiving my 1st batch.” —Thomas G., Brandon, MS

Closing sales is a function of:

  1. the right prospecting method to generate
  2. the right leads and
  3. the right approach to convert leads to clients

ThomAs has all three. He allows BrokerVille to prospect for him and find leads of prospects seeking financial answers. These prospects search the Internet, of their own initiative. That is the first criterion of a good prospect–he takes initiative. Then, these prospects need to be sufficiently motivated to reveal their personal contact information on line, something that 66% are reluctant to do, according to Forresters Research.

Thomas simply then uses the approach he learned from BrokerVille on how to approach a lead the right way so that the prospect sees value in meeting. It’s a three step formula that puts money in his pocket.


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